About Us

The Name

We receive many questions about the name Romance Coffee. Ultimately it will mean something different to each person while they enjoy their coffee. For one woman, small talking with her husband in the morning with their coffee in hand is romantic. Our motives in choosing Romance Coffee is to give credit and attention to the care and love the farmers put into growing and harvesting these great coffees. Read below to understand why these farmers deserve to be labeled romantic.

The Farmers

Specialty Coffee comes from co-ops, smaller farms or estates. These are high grown on steep mountain sides and hand picked. The farmers may own only half an acre to two acres of land and pour their lives into their coffee! Hand pruning, pulling weeds, using organic fertilizers and pest control are only a few of the careful preparations for their livelihood. Picture this: On a tropical mountain side, a family sets out from their hand made home to tend to a half acre of perfectly pruned coffee trees. Their plot of land has been passed down from generation to generation as a means of survival and pride in the work of their hands. Each new generations learns new ways to improve their crop. These families take pride in producing coffee rated in the top ten percent of all coffee grown in the world. It is practical as well; better coffee means more food on their table. That, to everyone here at Romance Coffee, is romantic! When buying these farmers Specialty Coffee, we are more directly supporting these workers with the money they deserve!

Roasting With Care

Even the best coffee can be ruined with careless roasting. We are passionate to roast their coffee in a way to make the farmers proud. The roasting process is a complex, learned art form and well worth the time and effort. This will be evident with the first aroma of the beans while grinding and carry on until the last sip!

Commercial Coffee’s Downfall

Commercial coffee producers use lower grades of coffee beans because the care given to produce Specialty Coffee cannot be reproduced on a large scale. Their coffee is low grown and picked with large machines. It is then sold through corporate exporters to large companies who roast for profit rather than quality.

The People

We are a family run business that started in December 2005. It is our desire to provide a unique coffee experience, that cannot be obtained from mass produced coffee.